Within WHOP's discipleship program there are three steps to complete for every believer.  The FIRST STEP is FOLLOWING.  Within this step, there is an aknowledgement of one's level of interest, ability, and talents to bring that individual to the perfect measure that Christ has called them to discover.  A balance and confidence is gained as we learn to follow.  The SECOND STEP is SERVING.  Being a servant is crucial because it begins an active journey of faith that is worked out!  Faith without works is dead being in and of itself.  Service put that into action and calls the believer to step out and utlized their God given ability and talent for a greater cause than their own.  The Kingdom of God!  This step is crucial because it is a bridge to the THIRD STEP which is LEADING.  A leader cannot lead unless they have followed and been a servant.  Leadership aknowledges their fallacy and always submits theirself to higher authority within the church.  In this way, God will use them for greater things that these shall we do if we follow God's plan of government for the church.

  June 2020  
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